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Imagine working hard for your loved ones to one day enjoy retirement. Then on that long awaited day,  find that it is not you controlling the steering wheel, but rather a volatile market, higher taxes, or changes in your social security. What will you do? Could something had been done?

This scenario inspired me to find an investment strategy that would help my own family never to lose any of our retirement money. Because the easiest way to to fight the above retirement disappointments is first and foremost not to loose what I now have! Over my 26-year career of visiting more than 5,000 people of retirement age, I have found that most people would like a worry-free retirement  free of unexpected set backs. With that in mind my company Midwest Financial Group Inc. has specialized in safe money retirement strategies. I can proudly say I have never lost a single dollar of my clients' money to Market volatility.

I have spent my entire career helping my clients advance by not losing, controlling taxes, and maximizing social security pay outs. I believe there's simply no way you can afford to waste valuable time in retirement waiting to recover from dips in the market. You need certainty. You need advise on protecting your principle and locking in gains as they are made. You need your money to always work with and for you in retirement.

We want to help you. The same strategies I have put into place for my family, I will share with yours.
To a better retirement, Jim Ellison

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